XII. Hungarian WebConference

NOV 2015

Initiative Tech speakers program

Category Web Development

URL http://webconf.hu/2015

Hashtag #WebConfHU-2015

Description Mozilla is a long-time supporter & partner of WebKonferencia. The chief organizer of the event for several years now (Krisztián Karóczkai) has just recently joined the ranks of Mozilla Reps. Each year the conference proves a great success and is a gathering of the cream-of-the-crop of Hungarian webfolk. Mozilla/mozillians has been present in great numbers and a strong presence, especially in the last few years.

Venue Budapest Bécsi út 96B

City Budapest

Region Budapest

Country Hungary

Earlier invocations of WebKonferencia on the Reps portal: 2013 | 2014

Last year there was a dedicated Firefox OS track, and previous Mozilla presenters/keynotes have included Chris Heilmann, Angelina Fabbro & Andrzej Mazur.

6 attending, including...