XIV Fórum Goiano de Software Livre

NOV 2017

Initiative MozActivate

Category WebVR

URL http://2017.fgsl.net/

Hashtag #mozillanofgsl #MozillaNoXIVFGSL

Description Created in 2003 by the Free Software Community of the State of Goiás, the FGSL - Goias Free Software Forum involves since its first edition the theme "Socially FAIR economically VIABLE, technologically SUSTAINABLE", discussing the issues that permeate the use, production and the spread of free software (SL) throughout the state of Goias.

Venue CAE - Centro de Aulas das Engenharias UFG

City Goiânia

Region Goiás

Country Brazil


Develop activities of Mozilla Activate campaign

Engagement of new contributors in the local community


20 people are introduced to and starting to build with A-Frame

01 Blog post articles

300 People involved in a conversation/interaction during the event



The Virtual Reality in Your Pocket (WebVR, A-Frame and Mozilla initiatives)

Deuslirio Junior, Thiago Policena

Presentation about WebVR and its latest progress, the framework A-frame to create scenes using HTML / CSS / JS and Mozilla's efforts to make virtual reality accessible to any smartphone.

Building the Web of Things

Arthur William Aleixo

Mozilla is working to create a Web of Things framework that can improve communication between connected devices. By providing such devices with web URLs, a standardized data model, and an API, we are moving to a more decentralized, secure, open, and interoperable Internet of Things

Is the internet healthy?

Deuslirio Junior, Thiago Policena

The Internet Health Report is Mozilla's new initiative to document and explain what is happening to the health of the Internet in the world, providing an overview on web literacy, digital inclusion, decentralization, privacy and security, and open innovation.

Mozilla Community Team

Thiago Policena

Deuslírio Júnior

Arthur William Aleixo