XVI SITES - Interdisciplinary Seminar on Technology and Society

MAY 2017

Initiative MozActivate

Category WebVR

Hashtag #MozillaNoXVISites

Description SITES is an event promoted by the UniEvangelica institution that aims to awaken the skills and competences necessary to the profile of the egress of Computer Engineering. The activities developed at the event consist of presentation to the academic community of posters, papers, prototypes and the offer of mini-courses developed by the students of the bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering in the disciplines of Interdisciplinary Projects.

Venue TBD

City Anápolis

Region Goiás

Country Brazil


Talk: Virtual Reality with A-Frame

Arthur Willian Aleixo, Thiago Policena

Introducing WebVR and its latest advancements, using the A-Frame framework to create scenes using HTML / CSS / JS and Mozilla's efforts to make virtual reality accessible to any smartphone.

Mozilla Community Team

Arthur William Aleixo

Thiago Policena

Weder Mariano de Sousa