Yarmouk Universty Localization Day Workshop

AUG 2015

Initiative Community Spaces program

Category Localization

Hashtag #YU_Localization #YU_Workshop #Yarmou_localization

Description Our aim create about the need for localization and how anyone, even without any technical knowledge can contribute very easily to the community by localization. This event will help to get new contributors to l10n community . The target Localization project in this workshop: 1- Mozilla marketplace https://localize.mozilla.org/ar/marketplace/ 2- Mozillians Website https://localize.mozilla.org/ar/mozillians/ 3- Mozilla Thunderbird http://mozilla.locamotion.org/ar/thunderbird/

Venue Yarmouk University Club

City Irbid

Region Irbid

Country Jordan

Applying This workshop for student in Faculty of Literature in Yarmouk University, The workshop Will be held in Yarmouk University- Literature Computer Labs, To teach students and training them for Translation and localization by using software techniques tools harness their expertise in the field of support and increase their knowledge and experience.

General Information: workshop Date : Monday 17-8-2015 Workshop Time : start at (11:00 am) end at (3:00 pm) Workshop Location : Yarmouk University- Literature Computer Labs Attendance: Between 20 to 35 Students Organizer: This workshop are organized by the Student Ambassador "Osama Allama" :https://mozillians.org/en-US/u/osamalmaa/

6 attending, including...