"Your Way into Open Source" Training


Category Code Contributions, Developer Tools, Evangelism Product, Localization, People, Quality Assurance, User Support (SUMO), Web Development

Description Mozilla Algeria, along with Open Minds Club, is organizing a 3-months long training on how to contribute to Open Source, with a focus on Mozilla (all trainers are from the Mozilla community, and Mozilla will be our case study). The goal is to train new contributors and guide them through the contribution path, and with that, to strengthen the Algerian community.

Venue Open Minds Club, University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediène, Algiers

City Bab Ezzouar

Region Alger

Country Algeria

Agenda (tentative)

The training includes theoretical as well as practical sessions (conferences + workshops), and is based on existing curriculums for teaching open source. It will have three main tracks: technical, documentation and community.

Technical Track

Thursday 6/03 : Open Source Philosophy & Basics + Communication Tools - by Majda

Saturday 8/03: [Workshop] Online workshop on communication tools

Thursday 13/03 : Projects Development Cycle - by Majda

Saturday 15/03: [Workshop] Intro to Git/GitHub (part 1) - by Walid Ziouche

Holidays break

Saturday 12/04: [Workshop] Deeper dive into Git/GitHub - by Walid Ziouche

Monday 17/04: Quality Assurance

Thursday 20/04: [Workshop] Quality Assurance tools at Mozilla - by Majda

Monday 25/04: Debugging & Bug Tracking

Saturday 26/04: [Workshop] Bugzilla case study - by Majda

Documentation Track

Tuesday 29/04: Defining good documentation

Saturday 03/05: [Workshop] Documentation tools (Mozilla focus) - by Imen Rahal

Thursday 08/05: Localization: tools and best practices - by Majda

Saturday 10/05: [Workshop] Localization tools - by Youghourta Benali

Community Building & Leadership Track

Thursday 15/05: Community Building & Conflict Resolution - by Majda

Saturday 17/05: [Workshop] TBD - Could be reading assignment

Tuesday 20/05: Keeping the Community Motivated and Alive

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