Featured Reps

This is an archive of all past "Reps of the Month". This special recognition is given each month by the Mozilla Reps Council to a Rep who has gone above and beyond to help push the Mozilla project forward in his/her region.

Rep Name Featured text Date featured
Dian Ina Mahendra

Dian Ina is one of the core contributors from Indonesia. Art Manager in the day enthusiastic Mozillian by night, Ina contributed heavily on building her community's roadmap for 2016. She is also contributing on Firefox Social media materials and is helping along with the rest of the Indonesian's community on creating their community space in Jakarta.

One of her biggest work was building the budget plan for her community's activities for 2016. and taking the accountable role for her community along with Andi. If you want to know more about Ina, check her latest activities on her Reps profile.

Szmozsanszky Istvan

István Szmozsánszky is one of the most active Reps from 2015 - as a whole year! He shown leadership and commitment by taking the role of a mentor but also promoting Firefos OS and WebRTC being one of the MozTechSpeakers!

He is currently mentoring people both in Reps program but also local students as he is organizing a semester long course on developing apps.

If you follow along his twitter profile you will see he loves sharing #mozlove and he is a conference addict ( in a positive way) promoting as much as possible all things Mozilla related. In December both before and after Mozlando he was attending tech conferences and evangelizing people into Mozilla.

Thank you so much Flaki for all your hard work! You are truly an inspiring person and I super proud to mozwork with you!

Dorothee Danedjo Fouba

Dorothee has shown amazing leadership in Cameroon - growing that community from zero to over fifty in just one year. By organizing of a series of events and empowering emerging leaders, Dorothee has shown great talent for bringing people together to learn and understand the potential of Mozilla to improve their world. As Tech Women alumni Dorothee also speaks to , and inspires other women technical leaders in their goals for building Mozilla communities across the world.

Wissam Alazzam Hossain Al Ikram

Hossain is the awesome leader of QA community Bangladesh. He created an awesome team of QA BugHunters in Bangladesh, organize regular Community calls to mentor new people and did the QA Marathon Dhaka.

Wissam is one of the most active Reps in middle East, located in Jordan, a mozillian with great ideas, someone who is eager to help the other fellow Reps and Mozillians.


Mohamed Hafez

Mohamed Hafez is an incredible Rep with great capabilities from Egypt, he has being part of the big Mozilla tour in Egypt to spread the Mozilla love and mission all over his region. His latest big event was Mozilla Egypt Iftar (Arabic: إفطار‎ )in which they talked about Firefox OS and ways to get involved with Mozilla and also a formal Mozilla Egypt meeting. Additionally, he is involved in the coordination of the local launch campaign for Firefox OS in Egypt.

Yofie Setiawan Ahmed Nefzaoui


Ahmed has been involved in the Tunisia Community for 3 years now. He contributes fixes to the RTL (right-to-left) UI, various other user experience related issues and fixes bugs for Firefox OS. He's also known as "the RTL guy" within the community. Additionally he helps out with the Arabic localization for several projects and Mozilla websites. He was also involved in the Firefox OS launch in Tunisia with the help of other awesome contributors, localizers and supporters.


Yofie has been involved in the Indonesian Community for more than 4 years. Passionate Mozillian and hard-working as a Rep. Based in Jakarta - Indonesia, Yofie has been actively spreading the word and getting people involved in the Mozilla project in schools, local communities, mobile shops and basically wherever he can. Within Reps Yofie is mostly known for his great work designing for several Mozilla projects and helping out growing the Mozilla Indonesia community. He recently was the lead for the launch of the new Indonesia community website at mozilla.or.id.

Mahmood Qudah

Mahmood is a software developer from Jordan who has been doing an amazing job as Rep during the past months.

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Rajesh Ranjan

Rajesh is a veteran localizer with more than 10 years of experience working with different FOSS communities, he has led some of the most promising events in India like the recently concluded Mozilla Angika Meetup at Bhagalpur, Bihar.

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Faisal Aziz Ibrahima SARR
  • Faisal, is an inspiring mentor from India, he recently organized an annual event MozConnect in central India to bring different sub communities under one roof.

  • Ibrahima is a long term Mozillian and Fulah localization team lead, he did an exceptional job at reporting the event in social media at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015.

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Stefania Ioana Chiorean

Stefania Ioana Chiorean is one of the most humble, inspiring and hard working contributor of the Reps community.

She has always been an inspiration of enthusiasm for the Mozilla community worldwide

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Irvin Chen

Irvin has been working hard last month organizing weekly MozTW Lab and also other events to spread Mozilla in the local community space in Taiwan, such as Spark meetup, d3.js meetup or Wikimedia mozcafe.

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Santosh Viswanatham

Santosh is a super active Mozilla Rep from Telangana Region, India. He has been the backbone of the Firefox OS contributions and community activities around his region for the past 18 months. Starting his journey as an FSA, he now is the Regional Ambassador Lead of FSA Program in India.

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Flore Allemandou

Flore Allemandou is one of the oldest mozillians around, being a Mozilla Rep for a long time too. In the last months she took lead of the WoMoz project coordinating our activities in this area. She also organized our presence at the Adacamp editions in Berlin and Bangalore.

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Jefferson Duran Robby Sayles

Robert and Jefferson have been doing an amazing work this month, helping at Mozfest and organizing Maker events in Colombia.

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Alexandre Ben Mahmoud

Skander (aka Alex) is an inspiring, passionate and a gifted Tunisian mozillian when it's about free technologies. His involvement in Mozilla is about a strong belief in our mission and our values.


Rahid Hasan Nagarjuna Kalidindi

It brings us great sadness to share with you the recent news about two of our dear Reps we will so fondly remember. Nagarjuna Verma and Rahid Hasan of the Mozilla South Asia community are no longer with us.

Both passings are extremely sad, for it was not their time. They had so much to contribute to the world, to the society, and to the Web – as they so passionately continued to do. They’ve inspired many Mozillians, and even though we have a heavy heart, we know that their inspiration, legacy and memory will sustain us moving forward.


Shreyas Narayanan Kutty

Shreyas Narayanan Kutty came to Reps as an already inspirational leader and role model in the Firefox Student Ambassadors program. In addition to organizing a number of successful MozCafes, Shreyas has led a charge to empower kids on the web through the Webmaker initiative 'Kidzilla' and a longer-term call to action in schools to start Webmaker Clubs.

Shreyas has inspired others in his community and across the world with blog posts and photos and a teaching kit which have been featured in Mozilla publications.

In addition to his FSA and Reps contribution, Shreyas has been a key participant in Hive India and most recently, Mozcamp Beta, where his Popcorn video 'I am Mozillian', featuring 19 different states of India stole the show.

Nino Vranesic

When Nino joined the Mozilla community, he didn't spend much time talking, asking questions and thinking about how he could start contributing. Instead, he already applied for Mozilla Student Reps (today known as Firefox Student Ambassadors) and started acting by organising a local Open Source conference, with strong presence from Mozilla.

Passionate about free and open technologies, Nino continues to be the driving force behind the event (Open Way), which is growing every year and has just completed its 4th incarnation. As the main community builder of the Mozilla Slovenija community, he made sure Firefox release party was part of the conference, too.

Nino is a kind of a person you want on yor team: he gets things done.

Mohammed Migdadi

Passion has no limit and Mohammed Migdadi is an example. Passionate about Mozilla and fully involved with Jordan Mozilla community, Mohammed is a source of pride for the Arab Mozilla community.

Student, lover of free and open technologies, Mohammed found in Mozilla what he was always searching for: "amazing people, sharing values ​​and friendliness"

He has focused lately on making Firefox OS known in Jordan by organizing and participating in many events around Mozilla technologies. Always smiling and cheerful, Mohammed is clearly rep of the month for March :)

Mabrouk Mohammed!

Michael Kohler

This month's Rep is Michael Kohler from Berne in Switzerland. He started contributing Firefox patches as a teenager in 2008. Four years later he became a Mozilla Rep. Michael is continuously firing up the Swiss community. Most recently he organized swag for an event in Zurich which was all about Rust. Since Michael is super-charged with organization superpowers, he also started to set up events in Germany and Austria. Among his 2014 achievements is the successful organization of the German-speaking Community Meeting in Berlin in early February. This makes Michael one of the few people who manage to pull off events in three different countries within a couple of months. Further broadening our community growth Michael is reaching out a wide range of Mozillians covering areas such as L10N, hacking and Webmaker. Please join us in wishing Michael all the best for his future Mozilla endeavors!