Featured Reps

This is an archive of all past "Reps of the Month". This special recognition is given each month by the Mozilla Reps Council to a Rep who has gone above and beyond to help push the Mozilla project forward in his/her region.

Rep Name Featured text Date featured
Jefferson Duran Robby Sayles

Robert and Jefferson have been doing an amazing work this month, helping at Mozfest and organizing Maker events in Colombia.

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Alexandre Ben Mahmoud

Skander (aka Alex) is an inspiring, passionate and a gifted Tunisian mozillian when it's about free technologies. His involvement in Mozilla is about a strong belief in our mission and our values.


Rahid Hasan Nagarjuna Kalidindi

It brings us great sadness to share with you the recent news about two of our dear Reps we will so fondly remember. Nagarjuna Verma and Rahid Hasan of the Mozilla South Asia community are no longer with us.

Both passings are extremely sad, for it was not their time. They had so much to contribute to the world, to the society, and to the Web – as they so passionately continued to do. They’ve inspired many Mozillians, and even though we have a heavy heart, we know that their inspiration, legacy and memory will sustain us moving forward.


Shreyas Narayanan Kutty

Shreyas Narayanan Kutty came to Reps as an already inspirational leader and role model in the Firefox Student Ambassadors program. In addition to organizing a number of successful MozCafes, Shreyas has led a charge to empower kids on the web through the Webmaker initiative 'Kidzilla' and a longer-term call to action in schools to start Webmaker Clubs.

Shreyas has inspired others in his community and across the world with blog posts and photos and a teaching kit which have been featured in Mozilla publications.

In addition to his FSA and Reps contribution, Shreyas has been a key participant in Hive India and most recently, Mozcamp Beta, where his Popcorn video 'I am Mozillian', featuring 19 different states of India stole the show.

Nino Vranesic

When Nino joined the Mozilla community, he didn't spend much time talking, asking questions and thinking about how he could start contributing. Instead, he already applied for Mozilla Student Reps (today known as Firefox Student Ambassadors) and started acting by organising a local Open Source conference, with strong presence from Mozilla.

Passionate about free and open technologies, Nino continues to be the driving force behind the event (Open Way), which is growing every year and has just completed its 4th incarnation. As the main community builder of the Mozilla Slovenija community, he made sure Firefox release party was part of the conference, too.

Nino is a kind of a person you want on yor team: he gets things done.

Mohammed Migdadi

Passion has no limit and Mohammed Migdadi is an example. Passionate about Mozilla and fully involved with Jordan Mozilla community, Mohammed is a source of pride for the Arab Mozilla community.

Student, lover of free and open technologies, Mohammed found in Mozilla what he was always searching for: "amazing people, sharing values ​​and friendliness"

He has focused lately on making Firefox OS known in Jordan by organizing and participating in many events around Mozilla technologies. Always smiling and cheerful, Mohammed is clearly rep of the month for March :)

Mabrouk Mohammed!

Michael Kohler

This month's Rep is Michael Kohler from Berne in Switzerland. He started contributing Firefox patches as a teenager in 2008. Four years later he became a Mozilla Rep. Michael is continuously firing up the Swiss community. Most recently he organized swag for an event in Zurich which was all about Rust. Since Michael is super-charged with organization superpowers, he also started to set up events in Germany and Austria. Among his 2014 achievements is the successful organization of the German-speaking Community Meeting in Berlin in early February. This makes Michael one of the few people who manage to pull off events in three different countries within a couple of months. Further broadening our community growth Michael is reaching out a wide range of Mozillians covering areas such as L10N, hacking and Webmaker. Please join us in wishing Michael all the best for his future Mozilla endeavors!

Umesh Agarwal

A Computer Science student pursuing B.tech from Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College in Durgapur, India, Umesh was accepted into the Mozilla Reps program just six months back. However, his exceptional contributions to the program in the last few months, along with his polite and helpful character nature, has made him a very recognized name in the community already.

From organizing over 6 major events, participating in more the 12 events in all and recruiting 6+ Mozillians within his short tenure of becoming a rep, he's been an absolute trailblazer from the Mozilla India community. With a particular knack for Webmaking, he has been actively collaborating with schools and libraries to teach the Web to all kids in his region.

Congratulations Umesh on doing such a phenomenal work as a Rep! Here's to the awesomeness that you will bring to the program in the days ahead! Keep rocking! :-)

Kalman Szalai

If you've been closely following Firefox OS launches around Europe, you've probably noticed Kálmán's wonderful job leading Firefox OS launch events in Hungary, sparing no effort to make them a huge success! From very specific developer workshops to large conferences converge, nothing was left to chance! Ever-motivated, with his big smile and fluffy costumes, Kálmán is the soul of the Hungarian community, inspiring everyone to give their best and working tirelessly with partners and stakeholders. Thank you Kálmán, and congratulations for being our outstanding Rep of the Month for December 2013!

Jeff Beatty

A language passionate at heart, Jeff is the absolute L10n guru!

Never hesitant to land a helping hand, he has done an outstanding job supporting communities around the world in their localization efforts! From his hometown in Utah (United States) down to Mexico and all over to chilly Scandinavia, Jeff can't help but spread the L10n love around him through sprints, one-on-one mentoring, events and much more! His work lays the foundation for a better communication between the community and the Mozilla corporation, bridging any gap one brick at a time. Naturally, Jeff is the localization SIG leader, and organizes meetings to help Reps in this regard. Congratulations Jeff for being our stellar Rep of the Month for November 2013!

Christos Bacharakis

Ask any Rep who went to the Mozilla Festival in London last month, and it will be impossible for anyone not to know who Christos is. Joining the Mozilla Reps Program little over a year ago, Christos displayed exemplary leadership skills in coordinating with the ReMo attendees for the Mozilla Festival. Before that, he has been very busy leading several Webmaking events in collaboration with cultural and educational organizations in his homeland Greece (specifically in SKG). He is also part of the Greek Firefox OS Launch Team. Christos has been voted as the awesomest Rep of the Month for October 2013. Congratulations!

Galaxy Kadiyala

Superstar Rep' mentor, and first of his name - Galaxy Kadiyala is better known as the Santa Claus of the Mozilla India community - distributing gear to fans of Mozilla. What's more, he's the principal logistics manager for most of the heavyweight national-events the community attends- far from being an easy task.

A Webmaker, a Firefox Flicks fan, a SuMo veteran - Galaxy is a true Mozillian at heart. He has successfully managed two big domestic events just this last month, and has been voted to be the awesomest Rep of the Month - September, 2013.

Jaipradeesh Janarthanan

A proud Mozillian, a hardcore FOSS enthusiast, blogger & a lover of the Open Web - Jaipradeesh is always ready with one step forward to speak about Firefox OS & Open Web Apps at the Mozilla India events. In August 2013 itself, he has spoken & facilitated at two App Days & at a local JS meetup - no wonder, he has been selected as a App Reviewer of Firefox Apps' Marketplace!

Congratulations, Jai... You're the Rep of the Month, August 2013. Mozilla is proud of having you as a representative & being awesome in you region!

Faye Tandog

Faye, the first female Mozilla Rep in the Philippines, is playing an instrumental role in connecting the Philippine community to local schools and colleges by means of coordinating events. She is also part of the [Webmaker effort] (https://reps.mozilla.org/e/womoz-2013-maker-party/ by leading Maker Parties all over the Philippines after hosting last year the biggest Webmaker Party in Asia (with videocon to several countries). She has been providing great input into the WoMoz Community, especially in Philippines, where she organized a kick-off event and she represented the Mozilla local community in the very first Web Chixies Philippines meetup. You can check out the interview she gave to the nationwide TV. regarding WoMoz efforts. Congrats Faye for this outstanding work!

Henrik Mitsch

A rep, a mentor, a webmaker, a Mozillian, a passionate community builder is what defines best Henrik Mitsch. Sharing his time between the Swiss, Austrian and German communities (all of them are now part of the broader German-speaking community) Henrik has done a stellar job supporting these communities since joining the program two years ago. Lately, he has been doing outstanding work around Firefox OS and supporting local developer communities in the above-mentioned countries to organize several App Days in Vienna and Zurich , successfully spurring local developers to create new web apps for Firefox OS. As if Henrik was not busy enough, he recently participated in Mozilla's Summit 2013 Planning Assembly in Paris as an official delegate, providing valuable insights and input, but also driving a brainstorm to prepare for Mozilla Reps sessions at the Summit. Please join the Council in congratulating Henrik for being Rep of Month for June 2013 !

Alex Lakatos

It was impossible to miss his incredible activity to promote Firefox OS in Southern Europe and more specifically in Serbia and Montenegro.

This last month, Alex was one of the amazing Firefox OS ambassador in his region where he was on all fronts: Presenting the Operating System, demoing app building, reviewing apps, helping in QA and MDN.

Active community member, he participated or/and organized during the last two months different community meetups and IT events. We note with pleasure the long list of events where he was involved on his reps profile. His love for Mozilla and open technologies have also led him to become a Super Mentor in the Webmaker project.

As we say in Serbian Све наше искрене честитке Алек :)

Francisco Picolini

What would be Mozilla Hispano without him? Since 2003, he has been doing phenomenal work. From QA to Marketing with an amazing contribution to the Mozilla Developer Network l10n and Firefox OS, he has more than one string in his bow. Rep and mentor in Spain since June 2011, he has led Mozilla Hispano's events strategy and has helped organise many events in Spain but also overseas, with a particular focus in 2013 on Fx OS activities, naturally :). In the past months, he has has done particularly phenomenal work coordinating Mozilla's presence in Spain like the EBE conference in Sevilla, the Firefox OS Team Workshop in Madrid or Sherpa Summit Bilbao with Mitchell Baker.

Congrats to Francisco Picolini for being selected the Rep of the Month for April 2013 :)

MWC Fantastic Five

In the Mozilla Reps program, exceptional times lead to exceptional accomplishments which in turn lead to exceptional recognition :)

The Mozilla Reps Council decided to skip the standard procedure for selecting the "Rep of the month" for February and March, and agreed that we should give a special "Reps of the Month" award to all 5 Reps who represented our volunteer community at MWC 2013 and for their post-event work.

Arturo Martinez (Venezuela), Guillermo Lopez (Spain), Rubén Martín (Spain), Gloria Meneses (Colombia), and Ricardo Pontes (Brazil) were present at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. All received amazing reviews from media, event visitors, and Mozillians alike, as they demonstrated how volunteers and Reps can bring energy and enthusiasm even in huge undertakings like the Firefox OS global launch. Despite spreading Fx OS love around the clock for 5 days straight, the group still found the energy to create a great recap video for the broader community. Please join the Mozilla Reps Council in congratulating the "fantastic five" for their stellar work at MWC and being recognised as "Reps of the Month" for February and March 2013.

Ricardo Pontes

Ricardo, flanked by Guillermo Lopez (Spain), Rubén Martín (Spain), Arturo Martinez (Venezuela) and Gloria Meneses (Colombia), all represented Mozilla's volunteer community at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. All received amazing reviews from media, event visitors, and Mozillians alike, as they demonstrated how volunteers and Reps can bring energy and enthusiasm even in huge undertakings like the Firefox OS global launch. Despite spreading Fx OS love around the clock for 5 days straight, the group even found time to create a great recap video for the broader community.

Arturo Martinez

Arturo, flanked by Guillermo Lopez (Spain), Rubén Martín (Spain), Gloria Meneses (Colombia), and Ricardo Pontes (Brazil) all represented Mozilla's volunteer community at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. All received amazing reviews from media, event visitors, and Mozillians alike, as they demonstrated how volunteers and Reps can bring energy and enthusiasm even in huge undertakings like the Firefox OS global launch. Despite spreading Fx OS love around the clock for 5 days straight, the group even found time to create a great recap video for the broader community.