Featured Reps

This is an archive of all past "Reps of the Month". This special recognition is given each month by the Mozilla Reps Council to a Rep who has gone above and beyond to help push the Mozilla project forward in his/her region.

Rep Name Featured text Date featured
Irayani Queencyputri

Her real name is Irayani Queencyputri, but she's better known as Rara. A dentist by day, and a blogger by night, Rara has been contributing to the Mozilla project for several years, joining the Mozilla Indonesia from her base in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

One of the first Mozillians to sign up to the Mozilla Rep program, Rara has since traveled across her country to participate in and organize meetups, workshops, conferences to share her passion for an open web and encourage students, educators, bloggers, journalists, developers alike to join forces with her and help push the Mozilla project forward.

More recently, she managed Mozilla's at the National Computer expo in Makassar. And as this was being typed, Rara was about to embark on a grueling (but exciting!) 3-city tour for Mozilla as part of the Festival Komputer Indonesia 2012.

Selamat Rara and keep on rocking!

Muhammad Syafiq Mazli

Self-described as a "simple, geek, friendly and a FOSS & Android Lover" Muhammad Syafiq Mazli of Malaysia is the Rep of the month for May 2012. Syafiq has been doing outstanding work as a Rep for his country, organizing a series of successful Mozilla events and meetups, all well documented on his blog: http://blog.f1q.my/.

More recently, Syafiq organized the Mozilla MY Campus Tour 2012 at the School of Computing of the Universiti Utara Malaysia where he and fellow Mozillians gave a series of presentations to educate hundreds of students and tech enthusiasts about Mozilla products and mission. A set of colorful photos can be found here: http://goo.gl/RZSBI.

Congrats Syafiq and keep up the excellent work!

Soumya Deb

Although he prefers being called as his last name "Deb", most Mozillians know him as Debloper. His interests lie in open-source projects, such as Mozilla, Wikimedia, Fedora, KDE, Kernel, Videolan, LibPurple, Diaspora etc. in a descending order of priority. Deb has been a web aficionado and tech evangelist for some time now.

Deb recently organized a most excellent Firefox add-ons workshop at the Madras Institue of Technology, in Chennai, India. The room was packed and participants walked away with a much deeper understanding of add-ons development, many of whom are now on their way to becoming awesome add-ons developers. Not only was the event a great success, but Soumya did a fantastic job documenting through a great blog post, flickr, notes, slideshare, all for the benefit of the broader community. Documentation is a pillar of the Mozilla Reps program, and Soumya did an great job bringing his add-ons workshop across Mozilla universe. Read all about it here: http://debloper.blogspot.fr/2012/03/restartless-firefox-add-on-workshop.html

Matjaz Horvat

A long-time contributor to the Mozilla project, Matjaz has worked on lots of areas of the project: localization, jetpack, marketing, community building, to name a few.

Last week, Matjaz who is based in Slovenia and a founding member of the Slovenia community, took part in an open discussion on ACTA in his country's national parliament. Check out the video on his blog post - you'll see him talking to policymakers about Mozilla's values and the importance of user sovereignty on the web. He seems so cool at the pulpit, it looks like he does this all the time :)

Here's his blog post!