Featured Reps

This is an archive of all past "Reps of the Month". This special recognition is given each month by the Mozilla Reps Council to a Rep who has gone above and beyond to help push the Mozilla project forward in his/her region.

Rep Name Featured text Date featured
Ruben Martin

Nukeador, flanked by Guillermo Lopez (Spain), Arturo Martinez (Venezuela), Gloria Meneses (Colombia), and Ricardo Pontes (Brazil) all represented Mozilla's volunteer community at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. All received amazing reviews from media, event visitors, and Mozillians alike, as they demonstrated how volunteers and Reps can bring energy and enthusiasm even in huge undertakings like the Firefox OS global launch. Despite spreading Fx OS love around the clock for 5 days straight, the group even found time to create a great recap video for the broader community.

Clarista Bonjour Mozilla

Paris-based journalist by day, hard core Mozillian by night (and on weekends!), Claire (aka Clarista) has been doing phenomenal work for Mozilla since 2009. Claire is probably best known for Bonjour Mozilla, the website she updates daily to showcase Mozillians from all over the world. But BM is only one of many of her activites for Mozilla. From localization, to marketing, to WoMoz, to event organization to FOSS activism, Claire has been helping push the Mozilla project forward in a variety of ways across dozens of countries in Europe and Africa. More recently, Claire went above and beyond to help organize Mozilla's Paris Firefox OS App Day and our participation at FOSDEM! In light of this Rep awesomeness, the Mozilla Reps Council is thrilled to name her Rep of the Month for January 2013. Félicitations Claire!

Eduardo Urcullu Madrid

Eduardo has been fantastic job, organizing and participating in different events in Paraguay and Brazil, talking about Mozilla projects, looking for new local members, giving radio interviews, and working not only around his community (Mozilla Paraguay) but also to benefit other ones like the Brazilian and Bolivian Mozilla Communities. This month alone, here are his activities:

As Organizer

As Rep Attendee

He has also been working in Firefox Guaraní project (L10n) a native language spoken in Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. More info

Thomas Bassetto

The Mozilla Reps Council is excited to announce the first EU-based Rep to achieve the Rep of the Month honors: Thomas Bassetto

Thomas had a very busy September, where he was able to accomplish major activities in both his personal life and Mozilla-related activities. He was in his honeymoon last month and he was still able to do the following activities as a Mozilla Rep:

Thomas was exemplary in his balancing of his responsibilities in both life and work, and his key achievements has earned deserving of the Rep of the Month honors.

Gauthamraj Elango

Based in Erode, Tamilnadu, India, Gauthamraj has been actively spreading the word and getting people involved in the Mozilla project in schools, internet cafés, mobile shops and basically wherever he can.

Lately, Gauthamraj has been particularly interested in webmaker tools and has hosted many training workshops of popcorn, thimble and x-ray goggle in local schools. Recently, he created a Web Page for Mozilla Community Erode using  the Hackasaurus Tool kit. He says on his blog: "I hacked this page to illustrate the freedom given by Mozilla  to people on using the Internet."

When not getting his hands dirty hacking webmaker tools, Gauthamraj leads the localization effort of SUMO in Tamil language( ta-IN). He's also a regional localization lead for Tamil for the reps community project NeMo.

Perhaps Gauthamraj's most recent accomplishment was to be featured in a great blog post by fellow Mozillian Laura Hilliger, where she shows just how amazing Gauthamraj' contribution to the project has been and how it has affected an entire network of people in India. Check out the blog post, it makes for a great read.

Keep up the great work Gauthamraj and congrats on being selected as the Rep of the Month for September 2012!

Benjamin Kerensa

One of the first Mozilla Reps in North America, Benjamin is passionate about FOSS and has been helping to spread Mozilla's mission throughout the region.

He recently gave a talk in OSCON with Mozilla Reps council member Brian King on "How to multiply your community by a factor of X", a topic he knows very well, having been a community manager for a variety of different FOSS projects and having successfully on-boarded many new contributors to these projects. Helping to build a vibrant Mozilla community in North America is his ambition and so if you're in this part of the world, make sure to get in touch with Benjamin, he'll most certainly be able to point you to a great conference or Foss happening in your area you should check out.

Congrats Benjamin on being the Rep of the month for August 2012!

Robert Reyes

Whether it's a localization sprint, a MozCafé, a B2G workshop or a regional Mozilla tour, you can be sure Robert "Bob" Reyes is either leading the way or heavily involved in the event one way or the other.

One of the first Mozillians to sign up to the Reps program in the Philippines, Bob has been doing outstanding work to educate Filipinos about Mozilla's mission and open web technologies. Just last month, he was involved in five events in different corners of the country. It's also safe to say that Bob has perfected the art of "ReMo reporting". A good illustration of this is his blog post after returning from a Moz Tour in the town of Zamboanga.

More recently, Bob has been planning what he calls an HTML5 & B2G roadshow in Manila's Makati district. Promises to be an exciting event!

Congrats Bob on being the Rep of the month for July 2012!

Irayani Queencyputri

Her real name is Irayani Queencyputri, but she's better known as Rara. A dentist by day, and a blogger by night, Rara has been contributing to the Mozilla project for several years, joining the Mozilla Indonesia from her base in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

One of the first Mozillians to sign up to the Mozilla Rep program, Rara has since traveled across her country to participate in and organize meetups, workshops, conferences to share her passion for an open web and encourage students, educators, bloggers, journalists, developers alike to join forces with her and help push the Mozilla project forward.

More recently, she managed Mozilla's at the National Computer expo in Makassar. And as this was being typed, Rara was about to embark on a grueling (but exciting!) 3-city tour for Mozilla as part of the Festival Komputer Indonesia 2012.

Selamat Rara and keep on rocking!

Muhammad Syafiq Mazli

Self-described as a "simple, geek, friendly and a FOSS & Android Lover" Muhammad Syafiq Mazli of Malaysia is the Rep of the month for May 2012. Syafiq has been doing outstanding work as a Rep for his country, organizing a series of successful Mozilla events and meetups, all well documented on his blog: http://blog.f1q.my/.

More recently, Syafiq organized the Mozilla MY Campus Tour 2012 at the School of Computing of the Universiti Utara Malaysia where he and fellow Mozillians gave a series of presentations to educate hundreds of students and tech enthusiasts about Mozilla products and mission. A set of colorful photos can be found here: http://goo.gl/RZSBI.

Congrats Syafiq and keep up the excellent work!

Soumya Deb

Although he prefers being called as his last name "Deb", most Mozillians know him as Debloper. His interests lie in open-source projects, such as Mozilla, Wikimedia, Fedora, KDE, Kernel, Videolan, LibPurple, Diaspora etc. in a descending order of priority. Deb has been a web aficionado and tech evangelist for some time now.

Deb recently organized a most excellent Firefox add-ons workshop at the Madras Institue of Technology, in Chennai, India. The room was packed and participants walked away with a much deeper understanding of add-ons development, many of whom are now on their way to becoming awesome add-ons developers. Not only was the event a great success, but Soumya did a fantastic job documenting through a great blog post, flickr, notes, slideshare, all for the benefit of the broader community. Documentation is a pillar of the Mozilla Reps program, and Soumya did an great job bringing his add-ons workshop across Mozilla universe. Read all about it here: http://debloper.blogspot.fr/2012/03/restartless-firefox-add-on-workshop.html

Matjaz Horvat

A long-time contributor to the Mozilla project, Matjaz has worked on lots of areas of the project: localization, jetpack, marketing, community building, to name a few.

Last week, Matjaz who is based in Slovenia and a founding member of the Slovenia community, took part in an open discussion on ACTA in his country's national parliament. Check out the video on his blog post - you'll see him talking to policymakers about Mozilla's values and the importance of user sovereignty on the web. He seems so cool at the pulpit, it looks like he does this all the time :)

Here's his blog post!