Ahmad Gharaibeh

أحمد عيسى غرايبه


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 12 October 2014 to 02 June 2017

From Arabic World, a member of Arabic Mozilla Community and Mozilla Reps. Passion about open source, in love with Firefox and love to do lots of voluntary work. My main engagement is in Firefox OS , Localization , Firefox mobile Apps and Webmaker , Love volunteering and doing good is part of our code Save the web =D

Past Events
Event Date Role
Hello For9a 30 Jul 2016 Alumni attendee
Developers of the future - Mozilla Jordanian club & kidzilla 02 Apr 2016 Alumni attendee
Firefox OS launch - Jordan 13 Feb 2016 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Festival Yarmouk University 17 Dec 2015 Organizer
Al-Hussein uni Firefox club lunch 17 Nov 2015 Alumni attendee
Mozilla App Hack Day 24 Oct 2015 Alumni attendee
Yarmouk Universty Localization Day Workshop 17 Aug 2015 Organizer
Firefox OS App Days 10 May 2015 Organizer
Firefox day 31 Mar 2015 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Jordan MeetUp 07 Mar 2015 Alumni attendee