Asma Islam SWAPNA

আসমা ইসলাম স্বপ্না


It's Asma from Bangladesh and a new Representative. I'm looking forward to finding a new platform to continue my participation and dedication in Mozilla. Currently, I'm serving as a Regional Coordinator of Mozilla Clubs, spreading web literacy in Bangladesh. If you want to communicate on collaboration or contribution just leave me a mail.

Past Events
Event Date Role
ReMo Call 08-11-18 08 Nov 2018 Rep attendee
Firefox Quantum Sprint @ MBSTU 06 Oct 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer
Rust day for MBSTU MozGirls 29 Sep 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer
Introducing Mozilla along w/ Rust 12 Aug 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer
Asma Islam is a Reps Resources member

Location   Dhaka - Dhaka - Bangladesh

Timezone   Asia/Dhaka

Gender  Female

IRC nickname  #swapna

Mobilizing Expertise   Rust

Mobilizing Learning Interests   Advocacy, Rust, Testing