Gautam Sharma

गौतम शर्मा


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 08 November 2015 to 02 June 2017

I am an open source lover, Contributing to Mozilla mission and its projects. My passions are travelling, reading and helping others to kick start their contributions in Mozilla.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Web VR and A-Frame workshop 17 Apr 2017 Alumni attendee
Mozilla at CodeQuest 17 18 Feb 2017 Alumni attendee
ReMo Call 02-02-17 02 Feb 2017 Alumni attendee
Hello Web 03 Dec 2016 Alumni attendee
Talk on WebVR and A-Frame VR 22 Oct 2016 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Kick start workshop, Mangalore 24 Sep 2016 Alumni attendee
MozPlanning@jharkhand 16 Sep 2016 Alumni attendee
ReMo Call 08-09-16 08 Sep 2016 Alumni attendee
Grow WebVR India Monthly call - September 07 Sep 2016 Alumni attendee
Open source evenings - Duck duck Go 07 Aug 2016 Alumni attendee