Harsha Vardhan

హర్ష వర్ధన్


Heavily passionate about the concept of Open Source. Enthusiastic to work for FOSS projects. Fascinated about Augmented Reality.

Taking up the initiatives, Standing up for social issues, and Making a road map for a confused crowd matters me a lot.

Fair marketer, ensuring benefits at both the user and producer ends. A potential leader who decentralizes the power impartially by being Honest at heart and Optimist at thought.

My core principle is to respect, support and help the fellow individual. I give importance to human relationships. I am an ambivert

Past Events
Event Date Role
MozActivate with WebVR and A-Frame 13 Jul 2017 Organizer
WebExtension Hackathon 17 Jun 2017 Rep attendee
Firefox Nightly - Hyderabad 27 May 2017 Rep attendee
WebVR India Meetup 29 Apr 2017 Rep attendee
A-Frame Hack Night India 22 Apr 2017 Rep attendee
Road to VR 17 Sep 2016 Rep attendee
Mozilla India Meet-Up 2016 26 Aug 2016 Rep attendee
IoT HackHyderabad 23 Jul 2016 Rep attendee
Whats up Mozilla Hyderabad 09 Jul 2016 Rep attendee
A campaign to TechTheWeb. 05 Jul 2016 Organizer