Nagarjuna Kalidindi


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 04 October 2012 to 19 April 2014

I am a CS student now in my final year. I am an Open Source entusiast and that's how I started contributing to Mozilla. I am a Mozilla L1 Developer as well. My areas of interest are Artificial Intelligence, Collective Intelligence, Networking and Web Technologies (no wonder I am here)

Past Events
Event Date Role
Dutch community meetup and mozcafee 19 Apr 2014 Alumni attendee
Firefox OS AppDays & MozBoot IIT Bombay 2013 24 Aug 2013 Alumni attendee
Firefox OS App Days & MozBoot Goa 2013 27 Jul 2013 Alumni attendee
GNUNify 2013 15 Feb 2013 Alumni attendee
Firefox OS App Days Hackathon - Bangalore 26 Jan 2013 Alumni attendee
MozCafe Hyderabad 23 Dec 2012 Alumni attendee