Julia Buchner


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 01 October 2011 to 01 November 2018

I fell into the pot of Free Software in my first year as a student in computer sciences, contributing to the Wikipedia project as a writer. I later joined the Mozilla project, entering in the francophone communities MozFR and Frenchmozilla.

I am also involved in the group Girls In Tech Paris, a group which aims to promote women creates high-tech company.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Mercredi Doc #43 23 Jul 2014 Organizer
Apéro Petits Nouveaux / Apero for the Newbies 17 Jul 2014 Alumni attendee
Mercredi Doc #42 09 Jul 2014 Organizer
Mercredi Doc #41 25 Jun 2014 Alumni attendee
French-speaking community meetup 21 Jun 2013 Alumni attendee

Location   Paris - Paris - France

Timezone   Europe/Paris

Gender  Female

Twitter handle   @GiulianT

IRC nickname  Julia

IRC channels  #frenchmoz, #mozfr, #remo, #mozillians