Arif Fahmi Fisal


From Malaysian, children born from Felda Bukit Tembaga, Kedah. Majoring Information System and Communication, MCS College. Has been involved in FirefoxOS Application Developer. Been active in web mobile apps development based on HTML5, PHP and Android.

Mozilla Malaysia L10n Team Member, Mozilla Malaysia Community Member Part-Time Web Designer and Developer, Interested in Open Source-things

Past Events
Event Date Role
ReMo Call 29-03-19 29 Mar 2019 Rep attendee
LaunchFFQuantum 19 Nov 2017 Organizer
PyCon APAC 2017 26 Aug 2017 Rep attendee
MozCoffe Putrajaya 20 Aug 2017 Organizer
PI1M Tech 06 Jul 2017 Organizer
Malaysia ICT Volunteer (MIV) 27 Apr 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer
ReMo Call 23-03-17 23 Mar 2017 Rep attendee
ADTEC Taiping Technology Fair 07 Dec 2016 Mozilla's presence organizer
Mozmy Merdeka L10n Sprint 10 Aug 2016 Mozilla's presence organizer
Mozilla All Hands London 2016 13 Jun 2016 Rep attendee