Komal Ji Gandhi



Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 18 July 2012 to 02 June 2015

I am a under graduate student currently pursuing, my Bachlor of Commerce in Computer Applications from Barkatullah University. Also Completed my 'SOFTWARE ENGINEERING' (GNIIT) from NIIT International Institetute. I am a woman in Open Source Community, and proud to be one! Currently contributing to Mozilla in WoMoz, Web Maker Project,and Localization for Hindi in Mozilla India Community. Though am a developer, Keen Mozilla follower, Tech Geek, Web Developer, Mozilla follower and a Mozilla Rep from Bhopal, India. A hardcore mozillian and evangelist, I love Webmaking, Web Developement and Localization. An open source enthusiast, like to spread the word about it. Here at Mozilla I do my best to contribute, in Webmakers by hosting events and teaching the web, in Firefox OS by teaching how to build apps and hosting events. Like FOSS and open source.....

Past Events
Event Date Role
Fennec Launch - Hindi India 11 Oct 2014 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Hindi Community Meet-up 11 Oct 2014 Alumni attendee
Womaniya 08 Mar 2014 Organizer
Womaniya Meetup 05 Mar 2014 Organizer
FSA Event Bhopal 15 Feb 2014 Organizer
GNUnify 2014 14 Feb 2014 Alumni attendee
FOSDEM 2014 01 Feb 2014 Alumni attendee
Opensource and Mozilla enthusiasts meetup - II 19 Jan 2014 Organizer
Community Building at "The India's Bread-Basket" 08 Dec 2013 Alumni attendee
MozFest at Shri Guru Granth sahib University 07 Dec 2013 Organizer