Kushagra Varade



Self motivated professional who is happy to help people in learning the technologies i am familiar with and also interested in learning and new technologies around. I am a Mozillian from past 2 years and i truly believe in Mozilla mission.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Add-ons @JUET, Guna 24 Mar 2018 Rep attendee
Add-ons @UIT-RGPV 22 Mar 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
WebVR India Monthly Call January 2018 21 Jan 2018 Rep attendee
Lets Work With WebVR @MozMPCG 20 Jan 2018 Rep attendee
Experiencing Virtual World with WebVR 19 Jan 2018 Rep attendee
Add-on Hackathon @CSIT 11 Nov 2017 Organizer
Geek Night Hyderabad: Virtual Reality for the Open Web 06 Sep 2017 Rep attendee
WebVR@CSIT 20 Jul 2017 Organizer
Moz Coffee - Mozilla MP (Bhopal) 03 Jun 2017 Rep attendee
A-Frame Hack Night India 22 Apr 2017 Rep attendee