Tim Maks van den Broek

Tim Maks van den Broek


I worked on the dutch localization off all Mozilla products since 2003 till 2015.

Promoting Mozilla and give user support to the dutch users (twitter, fora, contribute mail, support request through mozilla-nl.org). Building the dutch community.

Office hours

I read my email everyday and try to answer within 24 hours. If you want to talk to me, we can have a call between 10:00-13:00 or 20:00 - 22:00 UTC. You can make a appointment through youcanbook.me

Past Events
Event Date Role
ReMo Call 19-10-17 19 Oct 2017 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 22-12-2016 22 Dec 2016 Rep attendee
T-DOSE 12 Nov 2016 Mozilla's presence organizer
ReMo Call 10-11-16 10 Nov 2016 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 20-10-16 20 Oct 2016 Rep attendee
Dutch community Call 22-09-16 22 Sep 2016 Organizer
ReMo Call 15-09-16 15 Sep 2016 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 08-09-16 08 Sep 2016 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 25-08-16 25 Aug 2016 Rep attendee
Mozilla All Hands London 2016 13 Jun 2016 Rep attendee
Tim Maks is a Reps Mentor

Location   Haarlem - NH - Netherlands

Timezone   Europe/Amsterdam

Gender  Male

Personal Mail   t...@mozilla-nl.org

Bugzilla Mail   b...@planet.nl

Mozillians Profile  https://mozillians.org/nl/u/Mad_maks

Wiki Profile  https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Mad_Maks

Mentor   Rami Khader

Twitter handle   @mozilla_nl

Facebook profile  https://www.facebook.com/timmaks

IRC nickname  mad_maks

IRC channels  #l10n #mozilla.nl

Personal Site  http://mozilla-nl.org/