Mohammed Migdadi

Mohammed Migdadi


Hello ,

My name is Mohammed Migdadi,

Am a Front-End Engineer at graduated with a bachelor degrees in Software Engineering.

Mozilla Reps Mentor, Mozilla Jordan Community Leader and Regional Ambassadors lead/Middle east and North Africa.

Office Hours

I am pretty much available all the time so you can reach me on

Past Events
Event Date Role
Jordan Meets Firefox 57 07 Oct 2017 Organizer
MEU MozTalks 05 Jul 2016 Organizer
Firefox OS launch - Jordan 13 Feb 2016 Rep attendee
Mozilla Festival Yarmouk University 17 Dec 2015 Rep attendee
MEU Hackathon 10 Dec 2015 Organizer
Al-Hussein uni Firefox club lunch 17 Nov 2015 Organizer
Mozilla App Hack Day 24 Oct 2015 Rep attendee
Jordanian Task Force MeetUp 08 Aug 2015 Rep attendee
Mozilla Aqaba FSA Training 16 Apr 2015 Organizer
Mozilla Jordan MeetUp 07 Mar 2015 Organizer