Daniele Scasciafratte


It's me Daniele!

  • Open Source Multiversal Evangelist/Coder/Translator
  • Mozilla TechSpeaker
  • Mozilla Club Captain Rieti
  • WordPress Translator/Contributor/Developer
  • Vice President of Associazione Italiana Industria Software Libero (Italian association for professionals and company that work mainly with open source software)
  • Co-Founder/CTO Codeat, web agency in Rome, Italy.
  • Co-Organizer of WordPress Roma meetup
  • Member of WordPress Italia Community (Translator/PTE), Italian Linux Society (Member), and LibreItalia (LibreOffice member).

Office Hours

You can contact me when you want, on Telegram during the classic office hours but if you prefer a long discussion an email is the best!

For a complete profile check my Mozillian page!


Italian and English, working to improve my Esperanto and Spanish.

Upcoming Events
Event Date Role
Sha2017 04 Aug 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer
Past Events
Event Date Role
ChangeCopyright In bari 22 Jul 2017 Organizer
Reps Council Weekly Meeting 2017-07-18 18 Jul 2017 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 13-07-17 13 Jul 2017 Rep attendee
Reps Council Weekly Meeting 2017-07-11 11 Jul 2017 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 06-07-17 06 Jul 2017 Rep attendee
Reps Council Weekly Meeting 2017-07-04 04 Jul 2017 Rep attendee
Mozilla All Hands San Francisco 2017 26 Jun 2017 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 22-06-17 22 Jun 2017 Rep attendee
Introduzione a WebAssembly - RomaJS 21 Jun 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer
Reps Council Weekly Meeting 2017-06-20 20 Jun 2017 Rep attendee
Daniele is a Reps Council member
Featured Rep for April 2016 .

Location   Rieti - Italy - Italy

Timezone   Europe/Rome

Gender  Male

Personal Mail   m...@gmail.com

Bugzilla Mail   m...@gmail.com

Mozillians Profile  https://mozillians.org/it/u/Mte90/

Wiki Profile  https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Mte90

Mentor   Christos Bacharakis

Twitter handle   @Mte90Net

Facebook profile  https://www.facebook.com/Mte90

LinkedIn profile  https://it.linkedin.com/in/Mte90

IRC nickname  Mte90

IRC channels  #developers-it #techspeakers #devtools #nightly #italian #addons #participationsystems

Personal Site  http://mte90.net/

Feed for Reps Planet  https://mte90.net/mozilla/feed