Irayani Queencyputri



Dentist by profession, passionate blogger, traveler, and a lifetime Mozillian.

Office hours: you can request a call or meetup by using

I am available through my personal e-mail, social media and telegram, too :)

Past Events
Event Date Role
Global Sprint 2018 Mozilla Jakarta 10 May 2018 Organizer
How to Contribute to Mozilla: L10n 03 Apr 2018 Organizer
Mozilla 20th Anniversary 31 Mar 2018 Rep attendee
MozKopdarMKS: Berkenalan dengan Firefox 29 Mar 2018 Organizer
MozBelajar: Public Speaking (Mozilla Tech Speaker Event) 24 Mar 2018 Organizer
Mozilla Community Space Jakarta Keyholder Meeting 14 Jan 2018 Rep attendee
Rust and JS 20 Dec 2017 Organizer
Vue.js Introduction 29 Oct 2017 Organizer
MozBelajar: Dive Into Rust 25 Oct 2017 Organizer
Mozilla Community Space Jakarta Crew Meeting 03 Jun 2017 Rep attendee
Irayani is a Reps Mentor
Featured Rep for June 2012 .

Location   Jakarta - DKI Jakarta - Indonesia

Gender  Female

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Mentor   Robert Reyes

Twitter handle   @rara79

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IRC nickname  rara

IRC channels  #remo #sumo #idmoz #womoz #indonesia #crafty

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