Sujith Reddy

సుజిత్ రెడ్డి


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 21 April 2013 to 23 January 2015


Open Source Evangelist and Open Web Enthusiast.Open Standards Fundamentalist. Against Software patents.Travels across to talk, discuss and convince that Open Source, Knowledge, Standards etc. are the better way to go. Believes being Open is Freedom. Favorite addiction words are OpenKnowledge, OpenMinds and OpenSociety.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Hackathon 23 Jan 2015 Organizer
Hive India Makerfest'15 Ahmedabad 10 Jan 2015 Organizer
Grow Goa 27 Dec 2014 Alumni attendee
TeachTheWeb at the IT hub(Hyderabad) 30 Nov 2014 Alumni attendee
Mini-Camp Punjab 10 Nov 2014 Alumni attendee
FirefoxOS and Webmaker Induction Event- SASTRA 12 Oct 2014 Mozilla's presence organizer
Firefox OS App Days at VIT University- Vellore 27 Sep 2014 Mozilla's presence organizer
Firefox OS - App Dev Workshop 19 Sep 2014 Alumni attendee
MakerParty Chennai 13 Sep 2014 Alumni attendee
Generation WE 10 Aug 2014 Mozilla's presence organizer