Tanner Filip

Tanner Filip


I'm a student at the University of Northern Iowa, who is interested in various things relating to computers, FOSS, Linux, etc. Lately, I've been working mostly with Community Ops; I am the peer for Discourse, WordPress, and Infrastructure (I think). Outside Mozilla, I was in marching band, as a trumpet player, and found it to be enjoyable. I like gaming, too.

Past Events
Event Date Role
SCALE 13x 19 Feb 2015 Mozilla's presence organizer
North America Reps Meetup - Early 2014 05 Apr 2014 Rep attendee
Reddit IAmA 2 29 Oct 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
Southern California Linux Expo 22 Feb 2013 Rep attendee
Reddit IAmA 24 Oct 2012 Organizer

Location   Cedar Falls - Iowa - United States

Timezone   America/Chicago

Gender  Male

Personal Mail   t...@gmail.com

Bugzilla Mail   t...@gmail.com

Mozillians Profile  https://mozillians.org/en-US/Tanner

Wiki Profile  http://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Tanner

Mentor   Majken Connor

Twitter handle   @tannerfilip

Facebook profile  https://facebook.com/tannerfilip

IRC nickname  tanner

IRC channels  #sumo, #remo, #lizardlounge, #communityit

Personal Site  http://tannerfilip.me/

Feed for Reps Planet  http://tannerfilip.me/rss/