Abdelrahman Manna



I have started contributing with Mozilla in 2013 because of the need to have the arabic version of Mozilla products in order to be delivered to as much people as possible. Today we are continuing the mission and leading its parts to spread the name of Mozilla among our countries.

Past Events
Event Date Role
JU - Mozilla Booth and Talk 10 May 2017 Rep attendee
Mozilla L10N 11 Feb 2017 Rep attendee
Arabic Community Gathering 2016 22 Oct 2016 Rep attendee
Hello For9a 30 Jul 2016 Rep attendee
Developers of the future - Mozilla Jordanian club & kidzilla 02 Apr 2016 Mozilla's presence organizer
Firefox OS launch - Jordan 13 Feb 2016 Rep attendee
Mozilla Festival Yarmouk University 17 Dec 2015 Rep attendee
Mozilla Festival 2015 06 Nov 2015 Rep attendee
Right-to-Left L10n Hackathon 03 Oct 2015 Rep attendee
Jordanian Task Force MeetUp 08 Aug 2015 Rep attendee