Alexander Hagerman

Alex Hagerman


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 28 June 2013 to 24 August 2013

I live in Louisville, KY. I have been programming for almost 8 years in a variety of languages. During my early years the Open Source community provided a huge learning opportunity for me and since then I have sought to contribute back to the community and share with others the benefits of Open Source and the Open Web as well as how the principles of information sharing, teaching out, etc. can be applied to areas beyond software in our daily lives. I currently work primarily in BI and Data Analytic fields and love playing with numbers. If there is a skill I have that I can help you with I am more than willing, and if I can't I'll work to help you get connected to somebody that can help. If you are ever in the Louisville KY area or going to an event on the US East Coast let me know in case we cross paths.

Activity Date
Month planning 01 Jun 2013
Recruitment effort 31 May 2013
Month recap 31 May 2013
Month recap 31 May 2013