Ankit Gadgil

अंकित गाडगीळ / अंकित गाडगील


A web developer and software engineer by profession, An open source enthusiast and a Webmaker by heart. Honored to be sharing space among the Leaders we look up to and admire.

As a Mozilla Rep I love contributing my best to take the Mozilla Mission and OPEN WEB forward.

I hold a Masters in Computers degree and have been working and contributing towards the open source community in all ways I can. Love Code,, learning, teaching, Community Building and Hive concept. A Firefox OS fan and a community leader at Mozilla India, I support Open data and Open Knowledge.

As am a social person, and love interacting with new people, traveling, reading books, history, museums and listening to all kinds of music. And ya .. I can dance like crazy :)

Office Hours:

Weekdays : 4 PM UTC to 6 PM UTC 9:30 PM IST to 11:30 PM IST (exceptions on scheduled meetings)
Message me on Telegram as @anknite or Tweet : @anknite anytime, anyday.

Past Events
Event Date Role
MILE at Vrindavan Society [2015] 20 Sep 2015 Rep attendee
Be a Firefox Superuser 12 Sep 2015 Rep attendee
Using Firefox like a Boss 23 Aug 2015 Rep attendee
Maker Party Mega, Nashik 30 Jul 2015 Rep attendee
TaskForce Meet impressions 18 Jul 2015 Organizer
Maker party Nashik 15 Jul 2015 Rep attendee
Maker Party + Club Launch at MESCOE 11 Jul 2015 Rep attendee
Firefox Growth Campaign Nashik 11 Jul 2015 Rep attendee
MozCafe Pune (July 2015) 09 Jul 2015 Rep attendee
Pune Womoz Marathon 04 Jul 2015 Rep attendee