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Mozilla Community Manager (Localization)

Upcoming Events
Event Date Role
Firefox OS Localization Sprint 05 Mar 2015 Rep attendee
FOSSASIA 2015 13 Mar 2015 Rep attendee
Firefox OS Localization Sprint 18 Mar 2015 Rep attendee
Nigeria FirefoxOS L10n Sprint 2015 21 Mar 2015 Rep attendee
Firefox & FirefoxOS Translation Sprint 24 Mar 2015 Rep attendee
Mozilla Festival East Africa (MEA15) 17 Jul 2015 Rep attendee
Past Events
Event Date Role
FireFox in Twi Language 01 Feb 2015 Rep attendee
L10n Wednesday (Tagalog Firefox OS Translation Sprint) 26 Nov 2014 Rep attendee
Community Meetup 08 Nov 2014 Rep attendee
L10n Wednesday (Tagalog Firefox OS Translation Sprint) 05 Nov 2014 Rep attendee
Knowledge Networks for Development: MSAS CONFERENCES (Malian Society of Applied Sciences) 03 Aug 2014 Rep attendee
Online Firefox OS Urdu Localization Hackathon 14 Jun 2014 Rep attendee
FOSDEM 2014 01 Feb 2014 Rep attendee
l10n Induction and Review 20 Dec 2013 Rep attendee
MozTW l10n Sprint 30 Nov 2013 Rep attendee
Weekly MozTW Lab, Taipei 29 Nov 2013 Rep attendee

Location   hanoi - hanoi - Vietnam

Gender  Male

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Mentor   Pierros Papadeas

Twitter handle   @playingwithsid

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Jabber ID  hitmanarky

IRC nickname  arky

IRC channels  #l10n #b2g #jetpack