Bala Subramaniyan

बाला.. பாலா.. బాల..


I'm Bala Subramnaiyan (Bala), Working as a Software Engineer at Mphasis Ltd. and graduated from Electronics and Communication Engineering. A truly active Mozillian & open source contributor for more than 7+ years and keen on on-boarding new volunteers from the Mozilla India community. I am one of the past active Regional Ambassador Lead of FSA program and Club Development Mentee in FSA E-Board who helped new communities to gear up. Contributed to various tech & non-tech projects of Mozilla. Looking forward to work with new initiative programs. --- Proud Mozillian

Upcoming Events
Event Date Role
Mozilla Festival 2019 21 Oct 2019 Rep attendee
Mozilla Hindi & Marathi Community Meet-up 2019 30 Nov 2019 Rep attendee
Past Events
Event Date Role
ReMo Call 17-10-19 17 Oct 2019 Rep attendee
Council Elections Fall 2019 - Town Hall 2 03 Oct 2019 Rep attendee
Council Elections Fall 2019 - Town Hall 1 01 Oct 2019 Rep attendee
Reps Council Elections H2 2019 - Nominees 23 Sep 2019 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 19-09-19 19 Sep 2019 Rep attendee
GDG Coimbatore 14 Sep 2019 Rep attendee
WebXR #Fosscon_India_2019 29 Aug 2019 Rep attendee
OSCAL’19 - Mozilla L10n 18 May 2019 Mozilla's presence organizer
Review Team nomination 13 May 2019 Rep attendee
Common Voice Sprint 2019 at Salem 02 May 2019 Rep attendee