Report by Pankaj Malhotra on 02 Jun 2014


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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Its been quite some time now that I have been contributing to Mozilla, I started primarily with code contribution and bug fixing and gradually became more interested in Mozilla activities and its mission.

I have always tried to spread awareness about the Mozilla mission, products and technologies among students and the interested people. I have conducted various hackathons and technical events at my University to promote Open Source contribution.

I found the level of enthusiasm about Open Source among the students at my University to be really appreciable and every year there have been highest number of students selected in program such as Google Summer of Code and Gnome OPW which aims to contribute to open source by bringing new contributors to the community.

There hasn't been any Mozilla event at the University in the past despite of such an enthusiasm and the number of contributors.

So I took this opportunity and became a Mozilla representative to spread the Mozilla mission among the students and aware them about Mozilla products technologies and help the new contributors.

The aim is to start with some small activities and form a Mozilla club at the University which will conduct regular events in future and bring more contributors to the community.

Comment 1 by   Henrik Mitsch at 2014-06-02 20:46:20+00:00
Thanks for the report! Great start to your "Reps life". :-)