Report by Pankaj Malhotra on 20 Jun 2014


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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Photos of Mozcamp India Beta where I discussed about Quality Assurance Tool One and Done

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I attended the Mozcamp India Beta 2014 from 20th June to 22nd June in Bangalore, India. This was the first time I attended a Mozcamp like event and I found it a different kind of experience as compared to the Mozilla events I attended in past.

The agenda for this event focused mainly on the upcoming Firefox OS phones launch in India and also the community engagement goal for this year. There were also talks about Evangelism, Design and Developer relations.

The activities for this event were split over a three day schedule as: * Day 1 We started with a session by Bobby( and Amira( about Appmaker tool to build applications for Firefox OS where he introduced to the tool and explained some of its wonderful technical aspects like colored pipes being used for events listeners. We were given the opportunity to think of some app ideas and start working on them. After spending some time thinking our team came up with an application idea to build local Cab Sharing application for Firefox OS but due to the lack of time we weren't able to work much on it.

*Day 2 The second day started with a talk on community engagement and we were given various tasks on how we can express our Mozilla story with other and how to represent Mozilla to other people in a better way. This activity was followed by a session on Firefox OS where we were shown the device which is to be launched in India and explained about its functional and technical aspects. Then we were given some exercises on how to engage a new contributor and tell/teach him some things about Mozilla. This was a real fun activity and everyone enjoyed it a lot. All these activities were followed by a mouth watering lunch. After the lunch there were separate tracks and we were given an option to select tracks that we wanted to attend.

So being a developer I definitely decided to attend the Track on Developer relations and evangelism by Frederic and Janet. Frederic gave a very good talk on public speaking and how to speak in developer conferences and even made us practice there itself. So this summed up all the activities in day two.

*Day 3 This was the last day and the schedule was pretty packed and tight. Again we were given an option to attend one of the tracks and I chose to attend on User Centered Design by Holly( where we were taught the various aspects of design from an end users perspective and the event was followed by an applicaition designing activity where our team came up with the idea of making an application that would help engage the new code contributors by assisting them to solve their first bug.

I also took the opportunity to talk about the aspects of quality assurance in between the sessions and explain them about Functional and Unit Testing and introduce them to the One and Done tool on which I am working as a part of my Google Summer of Code project. Everyone appreciated our effort and some of them event solved some tasks using the One and Done tool during the event itself.

This was a great event and in the end we gave our valuable feedback about everything we liked or disliked. Our feedback was very important since this was a testing event as the name suggest Mozcamp India Beta.