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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

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I used these slides from one of my friends for the session.

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Organised a session for awareness about Google Summer of Code 2015. Google Summer of Code is the biggest open source development program by Google by which it helps to raise awareness among students about open source and also provides stipend to students for contributing to open source projects.

The students of my university have been actively participating in it from past few years. I was myself a Google Summer of Code student with Mozilla for the year 2014.

Last year the number of students which participated from my university was the largest all over the world.

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International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad India

Being the admin of Open Source Developers Group OSDG of my college I am responsible to bringing awareness among students to contribute to open source and increase participation in events like Google Summer of Code.

So I took this opportunity to talk about Mozilla projects while talking about open source in general.

I used the slides from one of my friends.

and also gave a hands on workshop for contributing to Mozilla projects especially.

Around 150 students attended the session and started contributing to the projects they were interested in.

Many of them are now core developers in their respective organisations and most of them are still contributing actively.

While many tried to fix bugs and hack on Mozilla projects there were a few students who made remarkable progress and ramped up quite quickly.

These students put in a lot of effort in fixing bugs and I really appreciate their work.

They are still actively working on many of the bugs and contributing to the code base of the projects they chose to work on.

I look forward to help them in future and provide them with whatever they need.

I would like to give away some swag to them as a token of appreciation of their hard work.

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Thank you for the report!