Po Chiang Chao



Still alive :) not update Reps profile/events a lot though.


Po-chiang Chao (aka. BobChao) started his Mozillian life as a volunteer since 2002 and then co-founded the community web site moztw.org in 2004. He is mainly focused on contributor engagement, helping others achieve their goals on Mozilla projects.

Besides Mozilla

Bob was a translator of some technical books, the Development Manager of Creative Commons Taiwan, and then a User Experience Designer in wwwinsISOBAR. Also, he is a board member of Open Culture Foundation, and was the chief-organizer of Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, and Promoters, or COSCUP, which is the largest FLOSS conference in Taiwan, during 2012-2014, and still serve as a core-contributor of the event.


Bob now works for KKBOX in a department that focuses on online ticket-selling service with a few products released under GPL, and active in many FLOSS events.