Casey Becking

Casey Becking


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This Rep has been part of the program from 30 January 2013 to 05 April 2014

I make stuff fun on the web. Javascript black belt, CSS sensei, HTML god. (all those are embellishments).

I am a Web Developer based in Huntington Beach, CA, where I live with my Wife Erica and my Daughter Jocelyn.

Some projects I have contributed on are :

Past Events
Event Date Role
North America Reps Meetup - Early 2014 05 Apr 2014 Alumni attendee
SCALE 12x 21 Feb 2014 Alumni attendee
Reddit IAmA 2 29 Oct 2013 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Summit 2013 04 Oct 2013 Alumni attendee
North America Reps Meetup 17 Aug 2013 Alumni attendee

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