Tano Kan Man Hui Chris Brian



Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 23 December 2014 to 04 April 2018

I have been representing Mozilla in the local Ivory Coast community since December 2012 and it's been great!I've especially enjoyed learning new stuff from the community as well as sharing ideas to promote the open web.I was named a Mozilla Firefox Student's Ambassador and Regional Marketing Ambassadorsin west Africa Region. I'm also a super language/culture geek.I'm fluent in French and English... I believe in Firefox and want to empower fellow users to go further with their tools.

Past Events
Event Date Role
VOLUNTARY DAY (Third EDITION) 16 Dec 2016 Alumni attendee
Mozilla DAY Abidjan 20 Aug 2016 Alumni attendee
Firefox OS App Day - Abidjan 12 Feb 2016 Organizer
Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015 26 Jun 2015 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Africa Reps Meetup 16 May 2015 Alumni attendee
Abidjan Mozcoffee 02 May 2015 Organizer
Firefox OS Hackathon 02 May 2015 Organizer
Hackathon MIAGE- GI Firefox Club 28 Mar 2015 Alumni attendee
WEBDAYS Abidjan 26 Mar 2015 Alumni attendee
Web and Firefox OS Dev. 07 Feb 2015 Organizer