Christie Koehler



Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 12 May 2014 to 23 June 2015

Open culture evangelist, writer, programmer, community builder, vegan, queer, anti-oppressionist, Buddhist. I am co-founder of Stumptown Syndicate, co-chair of the annual Open Source Bridge conference, and I co-host the technology podcast In Beta. I co-authored a book about Community Event Planning.

At Mozilla, I help drive the planning, development and implementation of Mozilla-wide educational and cultural resources that support and grow our contributor community.

I lead the Education & Culture working group, the Wiki Working group, am module owner for WikiMo.

My last name is pronounced KAY-ler (listen). You can also call me CK.

Public GPG key available here.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Open Source Bridge 2015 23 Jun 2015 Organizer
CLSxPortland 15 Nov 2014 Organizer

Location   Portland - Oregon - United States

Timezone   America/Los_Angeles

Gender  Female

Twitter handle   @christi3k

Jabber ID

IRC nickname  ckoehler

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