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This Rep has been part of the program from 27 September 2012 to 23 January 2013

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Desigan Chinniah is an enthusiastic, sociable, self-motivated and highly experienced web professional with his finger on the pulse of technology.

A self-confessed geek, Dees lives in London with wife, Sanne and their kids, Summer & Kiran.

Dees is a Firestarter at Mozilla, the makers of Firefox — innovating, experimenting and engaging with their global community. Presently he is actively involved with Firefox OS, an open source HTML5 based mobile operating system.

He has worked within web circles as a Designer, Developer & Product Manager for over 8 years, including stints at Ask Jeeves, Skype, BBC World Service, eBay, PayPal X and Gumtree.

Dees evolves within a magical world of VoIP calls, IRC and cross-Atlantic flights — while silently working his way through as many indie coffee shops as humanly possible.

When he's not geeking out, he can be found sporting, snapping pictures or entertaining the kids, but not at the same time.

You’ve come this far… Why not say hello? helloATdesiganchinniahDOTcom

Ask me about:

▪ Partnerships and Business Development ▪ Community creation, maintenance and engagement ▪ Product functionality, innovation, development and delivery ▪ User-centred design professional with UI (user interface), IxD (interaction design), IA (information architecture) skills ▪ Open web standards advocate

Activity Date
Organized event "Tech4Africa" 31 Oct 2012
Attended event "Tech4Africa" 31 Oct 2012
Month planning 01 Oct 2012
Month recap 30 Sep 2012
Month recap 30 Sep 2012
Month recap 31 Aug 2012
Past Events
Event Date Role
Tech4Africa 31 Oct 2012 Mozilla's presence organizer