David Gonzalez Blanchard

David Antonio


Hi my name is David Gonzalez Blanchard, I am systems engineer, game developer, web developer and mobile developer. Im part of the Mozilla comunity since 2010 . I live in Nicaragua and I am member of the Mozilla Central America Comunity. Im interested in different projects like: WebVR and Rust.

In my country i help the community to organize differents events related to WebVR, Game Dev, Privacy & Security, Digital Inclusion and Web development. If you need help do not hesitate to contact with me

Past Events
Event Date Role
Respond Campaign meeting Managua 08 Dec 2019 Organizer
ReMo Call 05-12-19 05 Dec 2019 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 21-11-19 21 Nov 2019 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 14-11-19 14 Nov 2019 Rep attendee
SUMO Sprint Nicaragua 2019 27 Oct 2019 Rep attendee
Live Streaming Mozilla Hispano 26 Oct 2019 Organizer
V Jornada de Investigación, Desarrollo y Creatividad - Mozilla 09 Aug 2019 Rep attendee
ECSL 2019 & MozActivate Day 24 Jul 2019 Organizer
Community Workshop - Univalle 20 Jun 2019 Rep attendee
Reunión de Colaboradores [28 de Febrero] 28 Feb 2019 Rep attendee