Dethe Elza


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 18 December 2014 to 04 April 2018

Dethe is a geek dad and aesthetic programmer working for to help reduce the world's carbon footprint. He has previously worked for Mozilla (Lightbeam add-on) and for several Vancouver startups. Dethe has been mentoring others through Ladies Learning Code, Software Carpentry, Webmaker workshops, and a course at Emily Carr University. Dethe is an organizer of the Mozilla Hive Learning Network Vancouver and is on the board of the Maker Foundation. He created the Waterbear visual programming toolkit ( to make it easier for others to learn to code. He thinks libraries are key to a future worth having.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Maker Education Salon 03 Mar 2015 Organizer

Location   Vancouver - British Columbia - Canada

Timezone   America/Vancouver

Gender  Male

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IRC nickname  dethe

IRC channels  #vancouver, #foundation, #animatedgifs,

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