Vigneshwer Dhinakaran



"I am an innovative data scientist working on realtime data and an open web philanthropist focussed on building services providing equal access"

Office Hours: You can reach me at any time through my Email ID or @dvigneshwer in telegram. I will be actively replying back in those channels.

Past Events
Event Date Role
SNSCT Womoz Sprint 2018 28 Mar 2018 Organizer
Mozilla Weekend at Bits Pilani, Goa 13 Jan 2018 Rep attendee
Mozilla Day at Bangalore: Firefox Quantum & Community 17 Dec 2017 Rep attendee
Rust Hyderabad catch-up 2 and RustConf planning 03 Dec 2017 Rep attendee
Rust'ing All day 02 Dec 2017 Rep attendee
Devfest Yangon 26 Nov 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer
Dive into Rust@MP 11 Nov 2017 Rep attendee
Firefox Quantum Sprint Coimbatore 08 Oct 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer
Firefox Quantum Sprint Bangalore 07 Oct 2017 Rep attendee
RainOfRust Campaign Call 11/07/2017 11 Jul 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer