Abid Aboobaker

ആബിദ് അബൂബക്കര്‍


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 09 April 2014 to 08 May 2015

A passionate soul who loves and care Open Web. I'm working as Drupal Developer and Social Media Specialist in MediaOneTv.in

I was using firefox from my early ages without much knowledge of its story. When I came to know how its working, that made me to contribute to Mozilla. Along with contributing to Mozilla by involving in the local community, I did find there were many other ways for contributing to Open Web and Mozilla. As an Open Source Evangelist and Open Knowledge advocate, I find this as the best platform to work for a better world. :)

Tweeter says: FOSS Lover. Mozillian. Drupal'ist. UxDesigner. LiteratureBuff. OnlineFreedomGuerilla. Evangelist. SocialMediaJockey. Organizer. Gourmet. Hodophile. {DataNerd}

Past Events
Event Date Role
Mozilla India Task Force Meetup 2015 08 May 2015 Alumni attendee
MozCoffee@Kochi 03 Apr 2015 Organizer
MozCoffee@Kochi 03 Apr 2015 Organizer
Mini Maker Party @ VISAT 19 Mar 2015 Alumni attendee
WebMaker / FxOS App Day at RSET 07 Feb 2015 Alumni attendee
Hive India Makerfest'15 Ahmedabad 10 Jan 2015 Alumni attendee
Start with coffee 13 Dec 2014 Organizer
Maker Party Kochi 20 Sep 2014 Organizer
FirefoxOS Bus 15 Sep 2014 Organizer
RIT App Days | Two Day FxOs Hackathon 16 Aug 2014 Organizer