Eusebio Barrun Jr




Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 09 July 2011 to 10 January 2015

Started using Firefox since version 1 and find my way to be one of the first batches of Mozilla Philippines community member in 2009. Became a Mozilla Representative since the program started, later on a new role as the Mozilla Reps Mentor, and currently the Mozilla Philippines community manager.

I work in a catholic school as the Media Center laboratory assistant and also teaching Digital Arts, Film and Desktop Publishing. Got a day job that’s 8 to 5 but you can always contact me through Twitter or email, you can also find me on IRC during night time on #mozilla-ph channel.

I’m a big fan of open source projects and technology especially the Internet. I'm into multimedia design, photography, video and blogging. I also love watching movies and cheese.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Mozilla PHL Community Leaders Forum & Planning Session (2015) 10 Jan 2015 Alumni attendee
Maker Festival Manila 2014 13 Sep 2014 Alumni attendee
12th Philippine Youth Congress on Information Technology (Y4iT) 10 Sep 2014 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Community Space Manila Planning 30 Aug 2014 Alumni attendee
Webmaker Mentors Philippines- Orientation Hack Jam 19 Jul 2014 Alumni attendee
Letran Calamba Firefox Student Ambassadors Recruitment Week 23 Jun 2014 Mozilla's presence organizer
Readysaster Hack 10 May 2014 Mozilla's presence organizer
Mozilla Firefox 29 (Australis) Launch Party Philippines 05 May 2014 Alumni attendee
Maker Party WoMoz 29 Mar 2014 Alumni attendee
MozillaPH Social Media Series: Women in Social Media 22 Mar 2014 Alumni attendee

Location   Calamba - Laguna - Philippines

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @ebarrun

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IRC nickname  ebarrun

IRC channels  #mozilla-ph #remo #remo-mentors #marketing

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