Eusebio Barrun Jr




Started using Firefox since version 1 and find my way to be one of the first batches of Mozilla Philippines community member in 2009. Became a Mozilla Representative since the program started, later on a new role as the Mozilla Reps Mentor, and currently the Mozilla Philippines community manager.

I work in a catholic school as the Media Center laboratory assistant and also teaching Digital Arts, Film and Desktop Publishing. Got a day job that’s 8 to 5 but you can always contact me through Twitter or email, you can also find me on IRC during night time on #mozilla-ph channel.

I’m a big fan of open source projects and technology especially the Internet. I'm into multimedia design, photography, video and blogging. I also love watching movies and cheese.

Location   Calamba - Laguna - Philippines

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @ebarrun

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IRC nickname  ebarrun

IRC channels  #mozilla-ph #remo #remo-mentors #marketing

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