Eslam Mahmoud

إسلام محمود


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 18 February 2015 to 02 June 2017

Senior software engineer web developer, Midway entrepreneur. BS. in information technology, Have 5+ years in professional experience working with Open Source technologies and 10+ as Linux user and hacking around code. Believer and Evangelist for open source philosophy and Mozilla mission. Member in various communities such as: Mozilla Arabic community, Mozilla Egypt, Ubuntu Egypt, Open Egypt. (previously GDG & GBG)

Past Events
Event Date Role
MozCoffee for FSA in Alexandria 24 Oct 2015 Mozilla's presence organizer
FirefoxOS Apps Challenge 18 Aug 2015 Alumni attendee
Meeting with FSA club 30 Jul 2015 Organizer
Mozilla Egypt Iftar 2015 10 Jul 2015 Alumni attendee
CCIT Day 14 May 2015 Organizer
CAT Scope 14 11 Apr 2015 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Egypt Tour (1) 10 Feb 2015 Alumni attendee
Firefox OS Workshop - Mozilla Egypt Community 02 Feb 2015 Alumni attendee
mozilla's Egypt plan of 2015 19 Dec 2014 Alumni attendee
Arabic Mozilla Meetup 2014 31 Oct 2014 Alumni attendee

Location   Alexandria - Alexandria - Egypt

Timezone   Africa/Cairo

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @eslam_mahmoud

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