Fauzan Alfi Agirachman

Fauzan Alfi


Majoring on Architecture in ITB.

UI-UX designer expert wannabe.

Mozilla Reps, Bandung

Bandung Regional Leader for id-Mozilla.

Regional Student Coordinator on Mozilla Student Reps.

Communications Reps and WebFWD Scout.

Editor-in-chief NantiAja.com

Blogging. A proud Apple and Firefox user.

Note: I'll be leaving ReMo program temporarily from November 2013 to June 2014 due to academic purporse

Past Events
Event Date Role
Lead Our Way with FSA Telkom University 28 Feb 2014 Organizer
Software Freedom Day 2013 - Jakarta, Indonesia 21 Sep 2013 Rep attendee
Popcorn Story Camp Malaysia 2013 [POSTPONE] 15 Sep 2013 Rep attendee
MozKopdarMKS Juli 2013 20 Jul 2013 Rep attendee
HackBDG with Mozilla and SaungIT 10 Jul 2013 Organizer
MozKopdarBDG - July 2013 06 Jul 2013 Organizer
CHIP Fiesta 2013 18 Jun 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
ProtoHive Event Bandung 18 May 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
Traceroute Party 12 Apr 2013 Rep attendee
Webmaker Training Days 01 Mar 2013 Rep attendee

Location   Bandung - Jawa Barat - Indonesia

Gender  Male

Jabber ID  katak.bersalin@gmail.com

IRC nickname  fauzanalfi

IRC channels  #studentreps #idmoz #remo