Faye Tandog


Office Hours:

2100H-0000H (GMT+8)

1400H-1700H (UTC)

Industrial engineering grad who wants to teach the Web to anyone regardless of their technical orientation. Aims to empower young leaders in the Mozilla community.

Community Manager, Mozilla Philippines Community
Club Development, Firefox Student Ambassadors

Loves organizing events for Webmaker and WoMoz too.

Upcoming Events
Event Date Role
MozTour FEU Diliman 15 Aug 2015 Organizer
Past Events
Event Date Role
MozTour and Firefox OS workshop at Manila Central University 04 Jul 2015 Rep attendee
Whistler Workweek 2015 23 Jun 2015 Rep attendee
MozillaPH Social Media & Marketing Teams Meeting 20 Jun 2015 Rep attendee
FSA Leaders Camp 2015 12 Jun 2015 Organizer
MozTour URSAC 28 Feb 2015 Organizer
MozTour San Sebastian Recoletos de Cavite 21 Feb 2015 Organizer
MozillaPH Open House: Community Orientation Seminar 24 Jan 2015 Organizer
MozTour at AIE Gapan 17 Jan 2015 Rep attendee
Mozilla PHL Community Leaders Forum & Planning Session (2015) 10 Jan 2015 Rep attendee
Mozilla Philippines Community Year-end Thanksgiving Get-together 13 Dec 2014 Rep attendee