Gauthamraj Elango



I am an Open Source Enthusiast, Passionate about Open WEB, Community and Technology. I teach people about the web inorder to empower them for future with better career, skills and critical thinking.

Contributing to Mozilla from 2011 in various projects. However, more into in helping people to navigate from Web Consumer to Web Makers. Hall of fame for Web Maker in 2011 . Webmaker super mentor and Reps mentor from 2012 . EX - Mozilla India WEBMAKER TASK FORCE OWNER, Firefox Student Ambassador Video Tutorial project lead,VP for Regional Ambassador Leads in FSA program. Ex- Contractor at Mozilla Foundation I worked as Field Research Assistant for a Mobile Research Project.

Currently, I am working in my startup F-infotech designing and developing Digital Literacy Programs for different age groups.

Office Hours

I am available in IRC from 15.30 UTC to 18.30 UTC during weekdays but I am available on Telegram all day most of the time. You can get me in Telegram as @GauthRaj. Also, you can drop a mail or tweet when ever you want. I will try to get back at the earliest :)

Past Events
Event Date Role
Mozilla Festival 2017 27 Oct 2017 Rep attendee
Firefox Quantum Campaign - Erode 02 Oct 2017 Organizer
Mozilla Tamil Nadu Community Meetup 2017 21 Jan 2017 Rep attendee
Mozilla All Hands London 2016 13 Jun 2016 Rep attendee
Leadership Summit Singapore 2016 23 Jan 2016 Rep attendee
Whistler Workweek 2015 23 Jun 2015 Rep attendee
FOSSASIA 2015 13 Mar 2015 Rep attendee
Anokha 2015 Firefox OS app days 05 Mar 2015 Rep attendee
Construkt Festival 2015 24 Feb 2015 Rep attendee
FSA Bootcamp Planning 23 Dec 2014 Rep attendee