Henrik Mitsch


Twitter Bio

Lean product delivery aficionado. #Agile evangelist. Building Dignity volunteer. @ebbf comms advocate. Leading Mozilla's Open Innovation Participation Systems team.

Reason for being a Mozilla Rep

I have been a fan of Mozilla ever since the Milestone Releases in 1999. Having attended the Mozilla 1.0 Release Party in Quito (Ecuador), I decided to host a Firefox 1.0 Release Party in Munich (Germany).

In 2010 I participated in the Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona and am part of the Webmaker community ever since.

My main contribution to Mozilla is in the area of community building with a regional focus German-speaking countries.

I became a Mozilla Rep in June 2011 and am a Reps Mentor since November that year.

Contact Details

You can reach me anytime via email, twitter, and on IRC. Usually I will respond to my email with 48 hours. Please see the contact fields below for the exact coordinates.

Henrik is a Reps Mentor and a Reps Peer
Featured Rep for July 2013 .

Location   Munich - Bavaria - Germany

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @hmitsch

Facebook profile  http://facebook.com/henrik.mitsch

LinkedIn profile  https://www.linkedin.com/in/henrikmitsch

IRC nickname  hmitsch

IRC channels  #remo #remo-mentors

Personal Site  https://wiltw.io

Feed for Reps Planet  https://wiltw.io/feed/