Oskar Ivanic

Oskar Ivanić


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 30 July 2011 to 28 December 2013

Who I am

A ginger from Serbia - something that is rare, but yet to be seen.

Tehcnology lover, addicted to Internet, kids magnet, animal (dogs and cats) lover, addicted to candies, plays football in free time, loves to travel and very communicative.

As a Mozillian

Leads Serbian community, does marketing campaigns in Serbia, works on localizing Mozilla websites and SUMO articles, PR for Mozilla Serbia, talks on events about Mozilla and its mission.

Gettining in touch

Ping me, mail me, tweet me - you will get a response in 24 hours.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Spread the word about Firefox OS 28 Dec 2013 Organizer
Firefox OS Mural 28 Dec 2013 Alumni attendee
Firefox OS coordination day 18 Sep 2013 Organizer
SUMO localization marathon #2 11 Jul 2013 Organizer
Digitalizuj.me - Firefox OS 28 May 2013 Alumni attendee
Mobile Monday - Firefox OS 27 May 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
SUMO localization marathon 27 Apr 2013 Organizer
Serbian community meetup / Firefox for Android campaign 05 Apr 2013 Organizer
Get Involved: volunteer opportunities at Mozilla 28 Feb 2013 Organizer
FOSDEM 2013 02 Feb 2013 Alumni attendee