Report by Inma Barrios on 31 Aug 2012


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Madrid, Madrid, Spain

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_Suggested using as CAT tool to help localize two projects: La Guarida and Firefox y Tú. The l10n process needs revamping as the content to translate gets more complex. Using a translation tool will help the l10n team do their great job and guarantee translation quality in terms in cohesion.

_As for these two projects, I am helping Hanna, one of the coordinators, take on the l10n lead and, also, become a mentor herself.

_Kept mentoring new contributors facilitating them access to community knowledge and tools, specially in SUMO.

_New localization project - Tristan Nitot's blog Behind the Code. We are just trying to approach the l10n process in a different way, making sure new contributors get involved and empowered by doing. This means they will have a much more active role from the very beginning.

_Getting started Gaia l10n. Excited!