Report by Inma Barrios on 31 Oct 2012


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Madrid, Madrid, Spain

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_Gaia l10n completed and first QA tests run.

_Transifex consolidation as a CAT tool. I started using this platform to localize svn files such as main.lang. Mozilla annual report, etc. This translation platform has a really cool feature that allows to sync source files on svn and target files. It also makes community-driven translations easier, as it provides a friendly UI for localizers and allows collaboration.

_Firefox Marketplace. Update and QA. My efforts are focusing on the whole Mozilla Hispano community to get involved in the l10n process of Mozilla websites - not only the localizers themselves, but all the contributors.

As the Spanish-speaking countries are a target audience, both in terms of app development and potential users, Firefox Marketplace website is a key resource. So, what I am trying to do is making sure all the voices are heard and everybody feels their opinion is important to assess the translation quality of Firefox Marketplace. This is also a great way to make contributors feel they are part of the project.

_La Guarida and FyT. New lead empowerment. I continued helping the new project lead. This is a long-term process.