jairo ruiz

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A happy man, passionate about the internet and his tools, a person of continuous self-learning, investigative and restless, that's me.
Now, as the father of this planet I feel a huge responsibility and is to teach, so the project for children is for me a tell the world that we must protect them and help them to understand this new world of the internet.
I give the necessary logistical and professional resources so that this project is a life experience as representative of mozilla proud to protect the internet.
Project Led by the agency Digital Two Inc, I as a representative of mozilla put the credit of all the tools made under the language of mozilla RUST and other tools that can be developed at the time of the project.
The children will benefit from all this so if you are interested or interested please write me.

Past Events
Event Date Role
FlisolFusagasugá 2016 02 Apr 2016 Rep attendee
Mozilla in the National University of Colombia 26 Nov 2015 Rep attendee
Simposio HTML5 Bogota - Universidad Nacional 30 May 2014 Organizer
Flisol Bogota 2014 03 May 2014 Rep attendee
FirefoxOS App Days Ibague 24 Aug 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
Mozillizando TEF 30 Jul 2013 Rep attendee
FLISOL Bogotá 04 May 2013 Rep attendee
Mozilla Colombia meetup 16 Apr 2013 Rep attendee
Concurso Logan y Slogan Mozilla Colombia 04 Mar 2013 Organizer
FirefoxOS App Days Bogotá 26 Jan 2013 Rep attendee